Activity Cards
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Activity Cards

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These activity cards provide 15 creative KIBO activities with big, colorful images and easy-to-follow instructions, for hours of student engagement or fun at home with KIBO!

The cards can be used independently by students in a classroom activity station, as the basis for teacher-guided lessons in remote learning, or when playing and learning with KIBO at home. Each card invites children into a different creative, imaginative activity with KIBO that combines coding, building, art, and play.
  • Design and build a “KIBO firetruck” and program it to drive around a cardboard town!
  • Decorate a “KIBO sunflower” that responds to light with actions the child designs!
  • Create a “KIBO rover” to navigate an imagined planet using its distance sensor!
The KIBO Activity Cards provide a sequenced introduction to each robotic part and programming concept. Each card features an “educator side” with clearly outlined learning goals, and a “child side” which includes large pictures and simple instructions to guide students through building their KIBO, transforming their KIBO through art, and creating code to bring the robot to life.