Ask and Imagine (Advanced Coding Curriculum Guide)
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Ask and Imagine (Advanced Coding Curriculum Guide)

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Pre Order Special! The Advanced Coding Extension Set and Ask and Imagine will ship both on June 24, 2019. Until then, if you order two or more Advanced Coding Extension Sets, receive a copy of the accompanying curriculum Ask and Imagine entirely free!

Ask and Imagine provides 6 - 8 hours of new KIBO activities based on the KIBO Advanced Coding Extension Set.

For children who are experienced with KIBO's core concepts, the Advanced Coding Extension Set offers the next step along a computer science pathway. With new programming blocks, students can continue their exploration into even more sophisticated concepts: modularity and reusability with subroutines, complex conditional behavior, and randomness. In Ask and Imagine, students will design their own dance routines for KIBO, navigate KIBO along branching roads, and teach KIBO to play games.

This curriculum requires the Advanced Coding Extension Set (one per KIBO). Some of the activities also require the sensors and conditional programming blocks found in the KIBO 18 kit (or higher).