Free Throw Extension Set
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Free Throw Extension Set

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The KIBO Free Throw Extension Set allows children to experiment with forces, motion, and potential energy by programming KIBO to throw a ping pong ball! This is a wonderful tool to expand scientific inquiry with KIBO, as kids can explore physics concepts in a hands-on, intuitve way. Alter the trajectory, power, and leverage by changing Free Throw options, and see how the throw changes as a result. Can you land your ping pong ball in the basket?

We have several Free Throw activities; available for download, linked to NGSS and Common Core standards.

The kit includes:

  • Thrower
  • Three compatible ping-pong balls (styles vary)
  • Rubber bands
  • THROW block

The Free Throw plugs into KIBO's center motor socket.

Please note that KIBO robots sold prior to June 2018 will require a one-time, free firmware update to use the Free Throw Extension Set. The Free Throw will come packaged with the USB cable required to connect KIBO to a Macintosh or Windows computer to install the firmware update.