Marker Extension Set
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Marker Extension Set

Price: $43.00
  • Item #: MOD-MARKER
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The Marker Extension Set allows KIBO to draw as it moves! Attach the base to KIBO, then attach up to three arms to the base, and drop a marker into each arm. Let KIBO loose on a large sheet of paper, and KIBO will draw as it moves!

Each arm can attach to the base in two different ways: fixed, or freely rotating. And each arm can be attached to other arms to create a marker chain! Kids can explore all of these different options to make KIBO draw in all sorts of ways!

The Marker Extension Set includes:

  • Marker Extension Set base
  • Three (3) arms
  • Three (3) washable markers (colors may vary)

(KIBO is not included!)

Note regarding Spacer: If you have a KIBO 10, you will need the Spacer part to connect your Marker Extension Set to KIBO, and you should choose the "With Spacer" option above. If you have a KIBO 15, 18, or 21, you already have a Spacer and you can choose the "Without Spacer" option.

Purchase additional arms and markers with the add-on Marker Extras Set. Create longer chains of marker arms!