Teaching Materials Package
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Teaching Materials Package

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The Standard Teaching Materials Package provides everything you need to get started teaching with KIBO (Price $140 is 15% discount from value $167 of each item bought individually).

  • one copy of Growing with KIBO, our 60-hr curriculum guide (value $60)
  • one set of “KIBO Says” cards, our unplugged programming game (value $40)
  • one sample Engineering Design Journal for students (value $10)
  • one sample Assessment Workbook with stickers for students (value $12)
  • one deck of Activity Cards (value $25)
  • two posters: KIBO and Engineering Process (value $20)

The Premium Teaching Materials Package, at $260, adds all of our supplemental curriculum guides, to complete the package with over 70 more hours of activities. The premium package maintains the 15% discount, saving you over $50 off the list price.

  • Creating with KIBO, our "classic" core curriculum guide
  • Activity Center Guidebook, to support a "stations" model in your classroom
  • Build It Better!, supporting the Building Brick Extension Set
  • Make Learning Visible!, supporting the Marker Extension Set
  • Express Yourself!, supporting the Expression Module
  • Showtime with KIBO!, supporting the Sound Record/Playback Module